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Forms for Your Visit

Please print off the following forms according to your case.

Consultation questionnaires – Please print and fill out the appropriate form prior to your initial consultation. If possible, please submit them via fax (503-200-2891 ) or email ([email protected]) prior to that initial meeting. If you are unable to provide them to us prior, please bring them to the meeting.

Non-Mediated Divorce – Confidential Divorce Questionnaire. This form asks for all information that is required to file for divorce. 

Mediation – Confidential Divorce Questionnaire. This form asks for all information that is required to file for divorce. Each party will need to complete a copy of this form.

Additional Mediation Forms – Please print and fill out these forms if you are coming for your first Mediation or Kitchen Table Mediation Appointment. You do not need to bring these forms if you are just coming in for a consultation, although you can if you want to.

1. Mediation Retainer Agreement. This is a long but important document. Please take time to read it. If you have questions you are welcome to call prior to the appointment or we can discuss them at the appointment. Most clients pay with credit card, although if you prefer to use a cash retainer we can do that as well. This is the “credit card” version of the retainer agreement. You can contact our office for the “cash retainer” version of the agreement if you prefer (they are essentially identical except for the payment method).

2. Financial Worksheet. This worksheet helps you assemble all necessary financial information in an easy-to-use format. You only need to fill out one of these between the two of you.

3. Parenting Plan Website (Optional). This link takes you to the Oregon Judicial Department Parenting Plan website. This free resource provides you with information and forms to develop your own parenting plan. Some people prefer to develop their parenting plan in mediation. The two of you should create your parenting plan in whatever way makes you most comfortable (creating it your own or creating it in mediation). If you create your own parenting plan please bring it with you so it can be incorporated into the final documents.