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“… friendly, honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable …”

When our son unexpectedly left us with his two young sons, we did not know where to turn. A trusted friend recommended Jonathan Berman. We met with Jon and he was absolutely wonderful. He sat with us for over an hour as we described our situation to him. He knew exactly what to do and answered every one of our questions and more. He was more than competent. He held our hand throughout the whole process of gaining custody. He worked diligently with the children’s mother, who lives out of state, explaining the whole process to her and exactly what her rights were. If you need a lawyer who is friendly, honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable I highly recommend Jon Berman.
— Josephine F.

“… a high standard of professionalism and legal expertise …”

We have retained Jon once in the past. His work ethic surpassed previous attorneys my husband and I have worked with. Jon possesses a high standard of professionalism and legal expertise whilst being compassionate and offering guidance throughout. I would recommend Mr. Berman to anyone needing an attorney in family or custody issues.
— former client


“… kind and patient …”

I was lucky to have Mr. Jon Berman as my lawyer during my sour divorce. His patience and kindness helped me through a difficult time. I was born in another country, and the language barrier in the matter of law was very difficult at times for me to understand, and Mr. Jon was so kind and patient to clear it for me. I highly recommend Mr. Jon Berman in family law and mediation for his very professional way to handle his cases.
— Sonia

“… exceeded all my expectations …”

When one wishes to climb Mount Everest, they employ Sherpas, who are known as elite Mountaineers,and are used as guides for mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas. When one goes through a divorce or child custody, it feels as though you are about to ascend a mountain that is unconquerable; your quest for a good lawyer that can guide you through this is an important one that will have a great impact for the rest of your life. Mr. Jon Berman was my guide whose empathy, knowledge of the law and ability to exceed all my expectations, helped me conquer my trek through this rigorous mountain … called Divorce! I will forever feel in debt to Mr. Berman for going beyond the call of duty; thank you, Jon, for your patience and understanding.
-. .

“Thank you very much …”

Thank you very much. If I need a divorce again, I’ll call you guys.
— M. .

“I will recommend your services …”

Thank you and your team for the help. I will recommend your services if the opportunity ever arises..— -. .