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Divorce For Portland Business Owners

It is not uncommon for married couples to own multiple properties or start businesses while together. Unfortunately, this can lead to complex negotiations about how these assets can be divided if divorce becomes a reality. Contact an experienced Portland business owner divorce attorney for guidance and representation.

At Berman Law Center, P.C., our attorneys maintain a keen focus on family law. With this level of experience and depth of legal knowledge, we can guide divorcing clients through even the most complex family law matter. We understand that the stress of losing a relationship is only compounded by concerns about the loss of your business.

Working With Experts To Protect Your Interests In Divorce

As both skilled mediators and accomplished trial litigators, our attorneys will work diligently to find a compromise in your high-asset division dilemma. We will partner with business valuation experts and uncover hidden assets to gain a clear understanding of your finances.

We understand that your business is important. If you are concerned that the end of your marriage might irreparably damage all or part of your business, it is crucial to work with a skilled high-asset divorce attorney. Whether your concerns center on business valuation, property division or debt division, our experienced Oregon attorneys can provide valuable insight and guide you through negotiations focused on resolving these complex disputes.

Set Up A Screening Today

If you have questions regarding business owner divorce, schedule a screening at Berman Law Center, P.C. Do not hesitate to contact our office by calling 503-715-2108, toll free 800-282-9288 or by completing our online contact form. We provide a free, 15-minute phone screening, and, depending on the needs of our clients, we can offer off-hours meeting times.