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Relocating With Your Child In Or Out Of Oregon

Numerous factors can ultimately lead to an individual needing to relocate. These factors, including job opportunities and the desire to be near an aging parent, can cause a serious disruption in a child custody agreement. It is wise to work with a skilled attorney to ensure that the proper legal steps are taken.

At Berman Law Center, P.C., our Portland child relocation lawyers understand the delicacy with which these matters must be handled. We have extensive experience guiding clients through negotiating, mediating and, when necessary, litigating post-divorce modifications.

Child and parental relocation is among the more complex family law matters. It is crucial to balance the best interests of the children with the goals of the parents. Clients rely on our firm to provide guidance and insight throughout the proceedings.

Case Law Is Constantly Changing

In the area of relocation and move-aways, the case law continues to change and evolve. Our attorneys remain abreast of changing legislation and trends to better advise our clients. We will thoroughly review your goals and motivations to provide you with meaningful insight regarding the best course of action. Our Oregon clients trust our depth of legal knowledge and our countless hours of mediating and litigating complex family law matters.

Contact Us For A Free Phone Screening

If you have questions regarding relocations and move-aways, schedule a screening at Berman Law Center, P.C. Do not hesitate to contact our office by calling 503-715-2108, toll free 800-282-9288 or by completing our online contact form. We provide a free, 15-minute phone screening, and, depending on the needs of our clients, we can offer off-hours meeting times.