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Resolving Child Custody Concerns

Divorcing and unmarried couples with children must consider serious issues such as child custody and parenting time. Addressing these issues can be traumatic, chaotic and filled with contradictory emotions. It is the job of an experienced attorney to ensure that divorce and custody matters move smoothly through mediation and, if necessary, the courts, and that the best interests of the children are always made a priority.

At Berman Law Center, P.C., our Portland child custody lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of family law matters. Under Oregon law, there are two kinds of custody: physical and legal.

  • Legal custody refers to the parental authority to make major decisions in a child’s life. These decisions can be related to such matters as education, religion and health care. Based on compromises made through mediation or a judge’s order, legal custody can be joint or sole.
  • Physical custody refers to where the child or children primarily live as well as the parenting time agreement for the noncustodial parent. A parenting plan can be as general or detailed as the parents desire. Our attorneys will work with you to create a parenting plan that addresses the specific needs and circumstances unique to your family, while drafting language tailored to avoid disputes over such things as vacations, extracurricular activities and school holidays.

Throughout child custody and parenting time disputes, whether during mediation or other attempts to resolve these disputes, it is important that both parents are mindful of how they act around the children. Making disparaging comments or reacting negatively to a question about the other parent can be hurtful to the child and damage your position in a child custody battle.

Do You Need A Modification?

As circumstances change, it might become necessary to modify a child custody arrangement. The loss of a job or the desire to relocate can lead to a modification in parenting time. It is not uncommon for a child’s needs to change as he or she matures. Work with an experienced attorney to reach a compromise regarding changes.

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