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Uncontested Divorce

Whether a divorce is highly tumultuous or exceedingly amicable, it is always a process. More often than not, the parties agree that this process should be as simple and cost-effective as possible.

In many instances, the parties also agree that they want to control the outcome of their own divorce, rather than having a judge determine what is best for their family. Parents typically understand the specific needs and demands of their own children, as well as their own respective needs, better than anyone else.

How It Works

In an uncontested divorce, parties generally agree on the major issues that would otherwise require resolution through the courts, including the distribution of assets and allocation of debts, child support, custody and parenting time, and spousal support.

While parties may be tempted to fill out their own documents to submit to the court or to hire low-cost legal services that employ paralegals to fill out forms, these approaches will often result in mistakes that cannot be remedied or mistakes that can be remedied only through costly subsequent modifications. Though uncontested divorce is extremely beneficial in keeping costs manageable and conflict low, it achieves these things only if it is handled correctly.

This is why it is so important that parties consider the options available to them that address the specific needs of their unique circumstances, including, among other things, the particular rights and obligations of the parties and the tax and other financial advantages that may be afforded to them as a result of the dissolution. When contemplating these and other issues, it is advisable to speak with an experienced divorce attorney so that the parties get it right the first time.

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