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Help With Divorce In Portland And Beyond

At Berman Law Center, P.C., our attorneys have extensive experience guiding clients through a broad array of family law matters. While it is true that we are experienced litigators, we devote a significant amount of time to helping clients stay out of court. By exploring options such as mediation, collaboration and uncontested divorce, it is possible for divorcing couples to end their marriage amicably and in a far more cost-efficient manner.

Many divorces include disputes about child custody, child support and property division. A knowledgeable Portland divorce attorney can provide valuable insight and representation while finding resolutions to these matters. Even after a divorce or custody judgment is signed by a judge, it may be necessary to modify it based on changing circumstances, including changes in finances or the best interests of a child. A lawyer at our firm can answer your questions regarding post-divorce modifications.

Legal Separation Vs. Divorce

Many couples choose to legally separate rather than immediately pursue a divorce. Whether this decision is based on medical reasons such as a desire to continue certain health care benefits or religious reasons, we can advise you of your options. In Oregon, a legal separation can last for either a fixed or an indeterminate period of time. While legally separated, either party can seek to convert the separation into a divorce.

Most legal separations involve the same disputes as a marriage. The parties must consider issues such as child support, spousal support, child custody and parenting time, and property division. Whether you are considering legal separation or divorce, we encourage you to contact our office for a screening.

Contact Us For Answers To Your Questions

If you have questions regarding divorce or legal separation, schedule a screening at Berman Law Center, P.C. Do not hesitate to contact our office by calling 503-715-2108, toll free 800-282-9288 or by completing our online contact form. We provide a free, 15-minute phone screening, and, depending on the needs of our clients, we can offer off-hours meeting times.